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Management Team

Nathan, Jason and Justin have known each other since 1984 when they met at Marlborough College, a boarding school in the South West of England.

As fortune would have it they were the only children whose parents did not work in the more traditional fields of law, finance, medicine or real estate. In fact it was rare coincidence that both families had a long history of working in fashion and design. So a common bond was struck early on and in the intervening years the three of them were first and foremost best friends with the oft discussed hope that one day they might put their skills together in some form of business venture.

When in 2003 Justin came up with his slightly off the wall concept for Elliot Rhodes - there were but two people who believed in its potential - and so this was the moment when the chance arose for a joint business venture between the three friends. The early days saw Justin take the business from concept to reality with the opening of the first two stores, but as the brand evolved it was clear that now all of their talents would be needed full time to take things to the next stage. With thankfully complementary skill sets in design, finance, sales & marketing the three friends now combine happily, forming a strong management team that leads by example with passion, energy, integrity and nearly always a smile!

Somehow or other the three of them still remain best friends!

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