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Vision and Concept

Our specialist business may from the outside seem surprising but from our launch in 2004 we have stayed true to our original vision and continually strive to communicate this to a wider audience.

The Elliot Rhodes concept was born from a mix of our passion for belts, professional experience, extensive research and an instinct for the significant changes occurring in society and their effect on consumers shopping habits.

Our core belief starting out and remaining now is that the once distinctive brand is now so oversold as to be ubiquitous and its purchase is in fact more a step towards conformity than a step towards individuality. We believe that consumers prefer to find more personal forms of self-expression and to satisfy a variety of emotional needs through their shopping and brand choices. We see this as a backlash of sorts against the mass-market influences that pervade our lives and an indication of the desire to feel greater attachment to products purchased and shops frequented.

We are strong believers in the art of specialist retail because only in such dedicated environments can one truly find great breadth of product offer, genuine depth of product knowledge and an overall customer experience that far surpasses anything that can be offered by a multi-product retailer.

Elliot Rhodes set out to be a brand that gives consumers a chance to be different and to personalize, to be a brand that not only satisfies basic needs but most importantly expands

Why specifically Belts?

Elliot Rhodes set out with the objective of elevating the status of the belt from afterthought to essential and desirable accessory.

Our conviction is that the belt has always been neglected in its role as accessory. As such not only is it rarely visible but even when sought out by the consumer its limited range and uninspired manner of presentation is such that its purchase is reduced to one based more on necessity than desire. As a result the majority of consumers, both men and women alike, have become accustomed to owning maybe one or two belts and will buy on a replacement basis only.

Of course we saw this as an opportunity and believed that we could change this by opening the customer’s eyes to the possibility of using the belt as a stylish and fashionable accessory that can be varied according to mood, dress style and occasion.

Our lofty ambition here at Elliot Rhodes is to change consumer perceptions by not only offering a range of both belts and buckles that is extensive, but also by displaying them in a stylish, exciting and desirable manner. We further differentiate by separating the buying process into two parts - the choice of belt and the choice of buckle. No longer is the consumer restricted to what is on offer, they can now choose the belt style of their choice and with their choice of buckle can create their own personalized belt.

Add the dedicated and knowledgeable style consultants, the element of custom sizing and the ability to continually interchange belts and buckles and you can better understand why this fully interactive customer experience is one that engages for the long term and creates loyal and passionate followers.


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