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So what is an Elliot Rhodes store all about? Well if you can imagine a Belt emporium then you would be heading in the right direction.

With a concise focus on Belts and Buckles that borders on the obsessive you will be welcomed into a store that looks more like an art gallery than anything else. Each belt and buckle is given its own space so that it can be appreciated as the unique and special piece we believe it to be. Truth be told it has been a long time since we had space to show off all of our styles so to truly appreciate the breadth of all we offer our belt loving consultants are on hand to help, guide and inspire throughout the selection process. They will talk to you as the individual that you are, get to understand your needs and personal style and only then bring out curated selections of belts and buckles that they believe will be suitable. By process of elimination, which can be as fast or slow as you want it to be, you will hopefully end up with the perfect belt combination you were hunting for.

As to whether to choose the belt first or the buckle first that is entirely up to you - sometimes a customer knows they definitely need a certain colour or style of belt, say to match a pair of shoes. So in this case we would start by finding the right belt strap. Then we would go about finding the right buckle to match. In other cases a customer may just see a buckle they love and we will then work to find a belt strap to really make that buckle look as good as it can.

To be honest a lot of our customers at first do not really know what their 'Belt style' is, mainly as they have never had much of a choice before! It can seem overwhelming but that is why the filter of our team is so vital. What may seem like a vast collection can quickly be whittled down to a relevant selection of just a few items.

So the last part of the process is the custom sizing which all in all is a process that will take us about 5 minutes. We will start by getting you to try on a belt and at this time ascertain how you will wear it - low cut, regular, high waisted (often women a combination of all 3) and also take into account the style of buckle chosen to make sure the overall look is correct. Once we have our measurements it's off to our shortening area for a little craftsmanship and a few moments later we will be back with your shortened belt ready for you to try on.

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