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Bespoke Overview

If you’ve got a project in mind then we are happy to try and turn that idea into a reality. Our design expertise stretches from belts and buckle to all nature of leather clad or bound products. Below we’ve given a little background into the way we think and work when it comes to bespoke projects. It would be our pleasure to put our mind to creating something special for you.

What can Elliot Rhodes offer you?

When we set out to reinvent the way that belts were designed and sold nobody understood what we were doing or the length to which our vision extended.

Why? Quite simply because it was different…we were seeing this understated and undervalued product in a whole new light which nobody else had considered.

Rethinking the norm is how we began our journey and this same vision and insight is what we aim to bring to our partners and collaborators in order to deliver clever, surprising, refined, and detail oriented products.

All product design has to have function as its core driver, we must constantly be aware of the end user, the way a product will actually work and interact with us in our everyday lives. But incorporating design into this function is where we can create a more memorable user interaction, where we make the experience of using a product fun, enjoyable and desirable.

Designing and creating products for people is what excites us – rethinking the norm is what can make these products, your products, stand out.

The simple addition of colour alone can refresh even the simplest product, subtle textures can give the ‘touchability’ that users enjoy and clever design details add that finishing touch that can bring a smile to a user’s face.

Our extensive experience of designing products from scratch, evolving from 2D line drawings to 3D working models, linked with our access to a dizzying array of leathers in all sorts of colours, textures and finishes positions us uniquely to bring high quality leather products to life.

In our daily life we interact with hundreds of different products but how many of these interactions leave a lasting memory? Ultimately we hope to make even the mundane something that little bit more special, that little bit more memorable, in the process enhancing your personal or brand values and identity.

This is something that we always aspire to and hope that we can make this aspiration yours as well.

Could Elliot Rhodes be right for me?

Our design and manufacturing capabilities have broad ranging scope that can be tailored to meet the needs of all sorts of individuals and businesses. A few core areas we work in are listed below but this is no more than a suggestion and we would like to believe that we can tailor our services to all.

Hospitality Industry

Whether new menus, placemats or receipt holders for a restaurant, jewellery trays or cufflink boxes, key fobs, directories or tissue boxes for a hotel the opportunity for reinvention is endless.

Corporate products

A portfolio for a conference, a business card holder for a delegate or a range of bespoke wallets, purses or desk trays for valued staff the opportunity for bringing style and colour into even the most classic items is limitless.


A one off event such as a corporate golf day, a weekend retreat or a wedding celebration gives rise to a host of leather inspired products – a stylish carry bag or toiletry case, a leather bound invitation or table display.

Interior Design

Coordinating and combining with fabrics, wall finishes and nuanced paint tones leather remains a timeless material that can be cleverly inserted into or wrapped around all sorts of decorative items from picture frames and trays to elegant cigar boxes. Our expertise in both leather and also exotic leather gives a multitude of opportunity and inspiration.

Clubs, Teams & Schools

A beautifully crafted belt for a club or society with a logo or motif, a stylish member’s handbook, or perhaps a travel folio for all of those overseas tours. Bespoke accessories can really help foster team spirit and unity and create a strong visual connection between all members.

Projects large and small

Working with Elliot Rhodes offers you the ability to produce almost anything in your desired quantity whether that be a small test run or large volume production. Our craftsmen in Spain are accustomed to working with differing quantities, leaving you free to experiment with new product ideas, control inventory of running lines and if desired frequently reinvent your products.

As with anything there are always some parameters – predominantly in the form of raw materials, but from the outset we will guide you as to what these are and this in turn will give us our direction and define our choices


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