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Spring/Summer 16 - Men's Style Guide

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Justin Rhodes

With Spring finally in the air it's time to unveil our latest styles and give you some insight on the catwalk inspiration driving some of this latest collection. Read on to find out about the new season's trends and see if you can be inspired...


Colour, energy and the fun of Latin culture was all over the SS16 catwalks and is in full force in Elliot Rhodes selection of carved metal buckles and straps in textured leather and suedes. 


Texture, print, layers…the change of seasons brings in a new colour palette and richer, bolder fabrics. Elliot Rhodes Offers the perfect addition with neutral printed and textured leather straps and bolder prong buckle styles.


Colour clashing and artistic interpretation offer a fresh new approach to tailoring. Pair this with Elliot Rhodes fantastic dip-dye leather straps and wallets.


Molten metals and fabrics with shine were a huge trend for SS16. Elliot Rhodes is the go-to specialist for metallic belts and buckles in every possible finish.


Go wild for the new printed and coloured snake any pony skin printed and textured belt straps. Funk it up with western plates or geometric buckle shapes exclusive to Elliot Rhodes.

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Men's Style Guide - Autumn/Winter 2015

Posted on October 22, 2015 by Justin Rhodes


The new season brings us new trends, and a whole heap of exciting new belts and buckles to choose from. To make your search for the perfect AW15 combinations easier we’ve put together our very own style guide to inspire your wardrobe. From shiny metallics to colourful brights and of course our very own Elliot Rhodes trends – rock ‘n’ roll and pony skin. Take a look and be inspired by our interpretation of the trends...and remember that a new belt is always a great way to reinvigorate an old style and bring it back up to date!

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Criss Cross Metallic - A Futuristic way to update your Denim

Posted on October 07, 2015 by Justin Rhodes


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Belt Width - Debunking some myths

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Justin Rhodes

When our customers come in store they are often surprised at the number of different widths of belts we offer. The fact is that we start at thin 15mm width belts and go all the way upto 60mm width belts, most of the time in 5mm increments with each width having its own specific purpose.

Luckily for men life is not as complex as it is for women - there are really just 3 widths to focus on and each have their own raison d'etre. I'll give you a brief guide to what I think works best and hope that this will help you in the process of choosing your next belt.

30mm Width

For me the 30mm width belt has two purposes - first and foremost it falls into the category of formal. For those occasions when you really want something slim and discreet this is the width for you. Most of the men's belts in this width as a result are fairly simple in style with a focus on elegant leather and occasionally some subtle detail.

In the past a lot of men considered this the default width to go to for a formal belt, irrespective of their waist size and build. I would beg to differ as I often feel that it looks a little too thin on anyone of a certain size and stature. In reality a belt of this width on a larger man, let's say 34" waist or above, just tends to look a little mean. If you are perhaps a few pounds heavier than your perfect weight this can also exacerbate things, with the belt looking like it is cutting into your stomach. In which case head for the 35mm width.

Which brings me to the second category - the 30mm belt as a more trendy item. This for me is really all about the stature and clothing style of the person wearing it. If you are on the slim side, like slimmer cut trousers and suits, then this width will look good on you. This could either be in a formal capacity or a more trendy capacity with the use of colour and texture.

35mm Width

The 35mm width is one which I believe to be the default width to turn to for men's classic or casual wear. This width works very nicely with formal wear and the buckle collection that goes with it has plenty of discreet options to choose from. My preference for this width is predominantly guided by most men's size and stature. The average man is a 34-36" waist size and I just like the way this width of belt looks on a man. It looks substantial without being chunky, it has the nice feeling when worn of properly supporting your trousers and filling the belt loops and also, because of its width means the belt buckle is just that little wider which I feel suits most men better.

In terms of detailing, if you are looking for something a little more contemporary then this width is also a suitably sized canvas to show off some subtle style - perforations, shoe inspired detailing, brush off leathers....

Which leads me onto the more casual nature of this width and its versatility. Although I would not advocate this width as the perfect width for jeans, it is a width that can easily cross the boundary between formal and casual. The width is substantial enough to not look out of place on denim or heavier fabric trousers (eg :corduroy), and looks great on chino style trousers, so your belt can cross nicely from work to play. I particularly like this width for smart denim, especially of the more fitted nature.

40mm Width

The 40mm width is one that many people are just not aware of. In truth if you go shopping you will not find any particular choice in this width other than perhaps the odd simple jeans belt. The reality is that this is the perfect width for wearing with your jeans and with nearly all casual trousers. Worn with denim not only does it nicely fill the deep belt loops but also most importantly the width both looks and feels in keeping with the style and weight of the fabric. The same applies for almost all casual trousers as nowadays these also tend to have fairly deep loops. Above all we just like the way a 40mm width belt feels around the waist - it is substantial without being chunky, really shows off the texture of the leather and any specific style detailing and gives you scope to wear either a classic or more substantial buckle style. 

Obviously the type of leather in this width will define how smart or casual the belt is - a chunky unlined leather inherently is for more informal wear whereas perhaps a finer grain leather would be more suitable for smarter occasions.

Personally, and subject to my comment above on the type of leather,  I use this width for almost all but the most formal of occasions - it is really versatile, a great canvas for all sorts of buckles and also importantly gives that really nice feeling of a belt that is properly holding up your trousers.



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Men's Style - The Essentials of choosing the right belt

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Justin Rhodes

A few quick tips to get you on the way to choosing the right belt...

- Make sure to wear the right width of belt to suit your trousers. A thin belt is perfect for a suit or formal trousers but for jeans or casual trousers go for something wider that fills the belt loops and feels a little more substantial.

- Choose a leather that suits the trouser – your smooth suit belt will not look good on your jeans and a chunky leather belt will spoil the sharpness of your suit.

- You can always match the colour of your belt to your shoes…BUT do not be afraid to match to your shirt or trouser colour too.

- Change your buckle to suit both mood and occasion.

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