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Why a glove collection?

Posted on October 20, 2016 by Justin Rhodes | 0 Comments

Ladies Gloves from Elliot Rhodes

 Elliot Rhodes has always been about challenging preconceived ideas. It is what lead us to turn the Belt market on its head, driven by our belief that unless you challenge the status quo nothing evolves.

Our dedication to beltmaking never wanes but we will admit to daydreaming about other products we might try to reinvent. We have circled and come back to Gloves many times, each time convinced that the Glove market shares so many similarities with where the belt market was back in 2003.

In a nutshell it is a product that in the UK at least is treated with little fanfare and regarded principally as a commodity, limited in its offer, poorly displayed and with all the glamour and excitement of...well nothing much really! As with our belt experience the only way to shake things up is to start fresh and not in half measures. We need to make people look at gloves in a new way - whether that be simply to start appreciating what a really good quality glove feels like, whether it be to see that using gloves as a colour vehicle can be great fun and really stylish.

Mens Gloves from Elliot Rhodes
So...this year we have taken the plunge and are proud to celebrate the launch of our debut glove collection. Our aim is to bring our expertise to this new area, introducing all important colour and little quirks of design detail that will turn a glove from boring necessity to desirable expression of individuality.

With a focus on luxurious quality and traditional craftsmanship from one of the oldest glovers in Spain our debut collection in collaboration with British glove designer Gizelle Renee features 5 styles for Women and 4 for Men, each in a stylish range of colours and each with its own idiosyncratic detail. Our gloves are all made from the finest quality lambskin, come lined in either silk, merino or rabbit and are traditionally made with just one single side seam for supreme fit and comfort. Details include Liberty print inserts, Cashmere piping, Herringbone cuffs, contrast stitching and more...

Like our belts there are gloves for different occasions and different looks...clearly for a lot of the year (here in the UK lets' say 8 months!) they are there to keep your hands warm, but even when it is not cold a lovely glove can really perk up an outfit, Not to mention that the nourishing oils from lambskin are great for your hands and if you are a commuter gloves serve a pretty damn good hygiene purpose too.

Most importantly we hope that once you have seen our collection you will start to see Gloves in a whole new light...

For this season our gloves are available exclusively in store - Prices from £110 - £175

Ladies Gloves at Elliot Rhodes

Mens Gloves at Elliot Rhodes


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