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6 Personal favourite belts - How, When and Where I wear them...and why I love them!

Posted on May 01, 2020 by Justin Rhodes | 0 Comments

My belt wardrobe as you can imagine is pretty extensive but each belt has its raison d'etre and I will always find a time or occasion to use each one of them.

Belts are my way of expressing myself, they add a little bit of fun or flamboyance to the simplest of outfits without being over the top. This is the message I like to give to our customers who might generally consider themselves to err more on the conservative side. I like to show them that just the smallest of details or a hint of colour is all that is needed to help them stand out (just a little) from the crowd!

For this video I pulled out just 6 belts randomly from my wardrobe (a mix of older and newer styles) and explain why I love them as well as how and where I wear them. This might just give you some style inspiration...and hopefully the confidence to experiment too.

Let us know what you think!

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