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Belts as Art...

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Justin Rhodes | 0 Comments

When I started Elliot Rhodes some 11 years ago nearly everyone thought that creating a specialist belt brand was at best foolhardy. From day one my mission has been to change the way belts are perceived - taking them away from their dreary surroundings and elevating them into something altogether more desirable, exciting, dare I say it, Sexy. Our stores are most certainly temples to the worship of belts but there has always been a challenge to communicate the sheer beauty and art of belts to a broader audience.

Luckily a few months back I was introduced to talented photographer Josh Caudwell and our conversation soon revealed that he too was both fascinated and challenged by the possibility of seeing belts not as a practical object but instead celebrating them as something abstract, fluid, elegant and artistic.

I am pleased to reveal the first 5 photographs in what will become an ongoing series with the theme 'Belts as Art'.

I hope that these both surprise and inspire you as much as they do all of us here at Elliot Rhodes.

Elliot Rhodes Wrap Tan Cordovan Belt

Elliot Rhodes Intertwined Metallic Belts

Elliot Rhodes Intertwined Pony & Cordovan Belts

Elliot Rhodes Metallic Criss Cross Snaking Belt

Elliot Rhodes Burgundy and Camouflage Fighting Belts


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